Dr Trepheena Hunter

BAgSc (hons) MAgSc, BVSc (hons), Member of Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (Veterinary Behaviour), ACVB resident in private practice training. Fear Free Certified Professional


After completing a research degree in animal production, Trepheena made the change to animal health and became a veterinarian. Trepheena always had a passion for veterinary behaviour and started seeing behaviour clients as a new graduate in her first job. She has been a veterinarian for fifteen years during which time she has worked in mixed practice, small animal practice, behaviour practice and shelter behaviour. Trepheena has managed the behaviour department in a large open-intake shelter, as the Animal Behaviour Manager and then General Manager of Animal Welfare.

Trepheena has been working in behavioural practice for the past seven years. She is currently undertaking specialist training through the American College of Veterinary Behavior and will soon join the small number of registered specialists in Veterinary Behavioural Medicine in Australia.

Trepheena has an empathetic and pragmatic approach to veterinary behavioural medicine, working to support the human-animal bond using the latest scientific knowledge. Trepheena shares her home with her husband and two sons as well as her beloved Labrador, three cats, turtles and chickens.

Dr Emma Rigby

BVSc MANZCVS (Behaviour) Fear Free Certified


Emma has worked as a general practice veterinarian for 25 years, gaining valuable knowledge in medicine and surgery and building strong relationships with her clients and their pets. In recent years, her passion for behaviour medicine led her to attain further qualifications and focus on veterinary behavioural medicine.

For the past two years, Emma has worked in private behaviour practice and shelter behaviour, where she treated animals in the shelter and in their homes after adoption.

Emma shares her home with her husband, two teenage children, an aging Labrador mix and three cheeky cats.

Emma Wyllie

Nationally Accredited Animal Behaviour Trainer (Delta Society), Accredited mindDog Australia Trainer


A love for animals led Emma to a career in animal welfare, where she recognised behaviour as the primary reason pets find themselves in shelters. Motivated by the desire to see less animals surrendered due to behavioural concerns, Emma commenced her study in animal behaviour and training.

Emma previously managed a team of qualified behaviour trainers and worked alongside Dr Trepheena Hunter and Dr Emma Rigby to achieve positive outcomes for shelter animals. In additional to Emma’s background in welfare, she has instructed dog behaviour training classes including puppy preschool, juvenile and adult groups.

Emma has a compassionate, down-to-earth approach to behaviour modification and is committed to practising force-free training using the latest, scientifically-proven methods. Emma shares her home with her husband, golden retriever, two cats and a horse.

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