Our services cover a wide range across veterinary behaviour consultations, behaviour training and education. We’re here to help you and your pet.

Veterinary behaviour consultations

We offer veterinary behaviour  consultations for dogs, cats and other species. We treat a range of behaviour issues including:

Separation anxiety
Anxiety, Fears and Phobias
Compulsive behaviours
Destructive behaviours
Urine spraying/marking
House soiling issues
Resource guarding

After your initial veterinary behaviour consultation, you will have a behaviour training session. This session addresses management strategies and life skills training using marker-based training techniques.

Behaviour modification training

Wild Things Veterinary Behaviour Services works as a team. For many behaviour problems, this involves ongoing behaviour modification training with a behaviour trainer along with veterinary behaviour treatment.

Behaviour modification training is used for behaviour issues including:

Frustration and conflict
Resource guarding
Separation anxiety
Destructive behaviours

Behaviour training

We offer consultations with a behavioural trainer to teach practical life skills to help you and your pet in everyday life.

We can help with:

Getting off to the best start with an adopted pet
Independence training
Calm behaviour indoors
Polite greetings with people and other animals
Loose lead walking
Responsive off-lead behaviour
Fear-free or low-stress grooming and handling
Good-start puppy training
Enrichment strategies
Jumping, mouthing

Education and training

Wild Things Veterinary Behaviour Services offers education and training to animal care industries including veterinary clinics, animal shelters, rescue groups, animal trainers and private businesses. For further information, please contact us.

shelters and rescue groups

The team at Wild Things Veterinary Behaviour Services has extensive experience in shelter behaviour. We offer consultancy services to shelters and rescue groups. For further information, please contact us.

To make an appointment, call 0414 588 586 or email us at info@wildthingsvbs.com.au.