Creating calm minds

We offer veterinary behaviour consultations, behaviour modification training, and puppy training.

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Dr Trepheena Hunter and Dr Emma Rigby first met and worked together managing animals with behaviour problems in an animal shelter. Daily they saw first-hand the end result of untreated mental health disorders and training problems in dogs and cats. From this, Wild Things Veterinary Behaviour Services was born with the goal of supporting pet owners with the challenging job of living with, while continuing to love, an animal with a behaviour problem.


At Wild Things Veterinary Behaviour Services, we use force-free evidence-based techniques to teach dogs and cats to become brave learners and develop resilience. We teach how to use behaviours in positive ways, using methods that are fun, rewarding and motivating for all involved. Some behaviours, such as aggression or panic disorders, can be difficult and stressful for owners to manage. Some pet behaviours, such as urine spraying cats or dogs pulling on lead, make pet ownership less pleasurable. We work to treat the pet’s mental health and wellbeing and teach alternative, safe behaviours.

Our approach nurtures a trusting bond between you and your pet, while addressing the underlying cause of the problem. We are here to help pet owners.